Environmental Policy at Bedggoods Chery

We recognise the need to reduce the environmental impact of our vehicles, which is why our design is increasingly being focused on sustainability.

Our design makes use of lightweight materials and aerodynamic shapes, which can help to reduce the energy required to power a vehicle. For example the use of advanced materials like carbon fiber and aluminum, which are strong yet lightweight, and can help to reduce the overall weight of a vehicle. Aerodynamic design can also play a role in reducing energy consumption, by minimizing the drag that a vehicle experiences as it moves through the air.

In addition to these technical considerations, we are also focusing on the environmental impact through our vehicle’s lifecycle. This includes designing vehicles that are easy to recycle and reuse, and using materials that are sourced in an environmentally responsible manner. By taking a holistic approach to sustainability, our designers can help to create vehicles that are not only energy-efficient and low-emission, but also have a minimal impact on the environment throughout their entire lifecycle.